Kitchen Appliance Buying Guide For Beginners

er5tyuftr4rtdyBuying kitchen appliance follows much the same logic as designing the kitchen itself. You got to plan and not just to plan, but carrying out an in-depth plan. Needless to say, buying the kitchen appliances is as complicated as designing a jet. Everything just has to fall into its right place. Besides, major kitchen equipment costs a fortune, and a slight oversight can translate to financial wastage more so for a big establishment like a hotel. Whereas there are numerous factors worth considering, quality, safety, and usability ranks on top of all those factors.

Ask any kitchen appliance expert, and she will confirm to you that the list of what is important in a home kitchen is surprisingly short. All the same, you need the right kitchen appliance for cooking, dining and serving areas of your home. However, you’ll need to consider some factors when buying kitchen equipment.

Some of the most important kitchen appliance buying tips


Safety ranks before style in the kitchen environment. Therefore, it’s advisable to look for kitchen equipment that anticipates danger before offering a solution. A non-slip, textured material like silicone, for instance, makes the handles of knives, whisks, and peelers easier to grip even when hands are wet. The length of the handle is also a factor. Short cooking pot handles can cause burns. To evade burns from spitting cooking oil, always choose tongs that are 12 inches in length, but with a lock to ensure that the arms don’t spring open. Shop for and select spatulas that are pliable, heat-resistant and long. Ideally, knives blades should run the whole length to guarantee maximum sturdiness. Also, working with electric kitchen appliances around water can be very hazardous and thus, cordless equipment should be used wherever possible.5467uyighvjgtr

Shared assignments

Above all, seek versatile equipment designed to make life easier rather than numerous but unnecessary kitchen appliances that make cooking appear extra sophisticated. Strive to avoid the temptation of buying anything that serves only specific task. For example, a banana slicer or a garlic peeler are some of the most unnecessary kitchen gadgets worth not spending money on. A valuable tip is to take as much inspiration as you can from a commercial kitchen. For example, a simple set of steel mixing bowls won’t stain or warp and still covers countless tasks.


Ideally, this should be the first point to consider when planning to buy kitchen appliance. Bear in mind that you can only get an item worth the money in hand. So carefully plan for what to buy bearing in mind what’s important but lacking in your kitchen. Additionally, regardless of whether the appliance to be bought is for a domestic or commercial kitchen, there are other important considerations that still need budgeting. Simply put, don’t spend all your money on a single or just a few kitchen appliance. Budget before setting your foot in a kitchen appliance store.

Modern or traditional

345tygfdsertIt’s no secret that certain pieces of equipment can very much appeal to traditionalists. Still, they have proved so essential that even modern commercial kitchens can’t do without them. Ranking top of the list is the immersion hand blender that’s essential at mixing anything from Margaritas to mayonnaise. Few kitchens can operate without mandolins or mixers and food processors. Other kitchen items have just functional appeal. These include electric can openers, spice grinders, and bottle openers are just to liberate cooks or chefs who might not be able to or aren’t able to wrestle with a heavy mortar and pestle or hard-to-grip kitchen appliance handle.

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