Hacks to Make your Bed More Comfortable

56tuyfhcgfdWe spend pretty a lot of time in bed. The fact is that on average, a third of our lives is spent in bed. But if you’re a bed-reader then it’s probably more. This is why trying to make your bed be the coziest place on earth makes a lot of sense. Besides, the bedroom is a vital part of our lives than any other place we spend time in such as the office or public transportation. Whereas some can argue that we don’t have total control over our sleep, the fact is that we do have total control over how our beds look and feel.

Also, the quality of your sleep is influenced more by the how your bedroom looks and feel. Remember, lack of quality sleep can affect your physical health, mental health, physical health, and overall quality of life. Thus, it’s pretty essential that you ensure that your bed and beddings are super comfy. If you want to make your bed feel like a total oasis or rather if you’ve been having trouble sleeping, here are inexpensive hacks to make your bed more comfortable.

Sprouse up your mattress with a topper

A mattress pad or topper placed under the first layer of your bedsheet or on top of your mattress can give a sterling effect or a warm impression to the bedroom. Alternatively, get mattress pads that precisely fits your back curve to enhance your beds look. Mattress pads have the effect of making a mattress look decent and feel super lush. All this can be done at only a fraction of the total price of investing in a brand new mattress.

Throw in some pillows that match your sleep style

The shape of the pillow is very important to your quality of sleep. Those who sleep on their side need firm pillows while those who sleep on their backs require medium pillows and those who sleep on their stomach need softer thinner pillows. Just figure out how you typically sleep and see whether you’re using a pillow that maximizes your comfort. Of not shop for some sweet pillows that precisely match your sleep.

Avoid skimping on bedsheets

The quality of a bedsheet and fabric has a direct influence on the quality of sleep. The fabric used counts much more than the thread count. Though polyester and cotton blends don’t easily wrinkle, bedsheets that are 100 percent cotton are a better choice as it breathes more. The rule of thumb when it comes to buying bedding is to buy the best that you can comfortably afford.456tuygft

Embrace layer

Bedding experts and interior designer concur that one of the fastest and best ways to make a space incredibly tempting, warm and inviting is by layering furniture with pillows and blankets. Thus, it goes without saying that layering your bed with a soft cotton blanket and comforter guarantees warmth. Adding pillows of various sizes and shapes to accommodate various activities such as napping and reading can make the bedroom the place to be.
Switch and go electricUnknown to many people are the benefits of embracing electric beddings.

Well, this may sound scary to some, but the thing is that electric beddings are completely safe. Besides, electric blankets and pads ensure that you stay or remain cozy in bed. To make your bed warm and cozy a few minutes before jumping into it, warm the electric blanket and place it under the mattress cover to pre-heat the bed.

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